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The word complexlives up to its name, as it contains multiple parts of speech and senses. It serves as an adjective, a noun, and, less commonly, as a verb. The verb use is the oldest of the three, with an original meaning of to join or unite At Complexly, we are developing a rich idea of ourselves and the world. Founded in 2012 by Hank and John Green, Complexly is the production company behind Crash Course, SciShow, and a dozen other education video channels and podcasts. We are a group of people who make stuff to help people and reflect our own excitemen Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit complexly designed - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. complexly designed - Deutsch-Übersetzung - Linguee Wörterbuc


  1. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit complexly layered - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen
  2. (mathematics) Involving complex numbers
  3. Complexly - YouTube. You might be familiar with some Complexly channels—like Crash Course, SciShow, Sexplanations, Healthcare Triage, among others—but we wanted a place for our t..
  4. See complex. 'As it is, the somewhat uniform and monolithic representation of 'the West' mars the attempt to produce a nuanced and subtle reading of cultural hybridity as the inevitable product of a complexly interwoven global milieu.'
  5. Complexly. The world is not simple. And that can seem like a burden sometimes. The reality is, the human species will never fully understand itself or its universe, let alone any individual. But instead of seeing that as a failing, we'd like to suggest that the process is as powerful as the outcome. The more we understand, the better we get at.
  6. completely meaning: 1. in every way or as much as possible: 2. in every way or as much as possible: . Learn more

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  1. 1. the sum, combination, or collection of various things or related factors, like or unlike; e.g., a complex of symptoms (see syndrome). 2. a group of interrelated ideas, mainly unconscious, that have a common emotional tone and strongly influence a person's attitudes and behavior
  2. complexly Follow. Overview Repositories 80 Projects 0 Packages complexly Follow. LI Yang complexly. Follow. Block or report user Block or report complexly. Block user. Prevent this user from interacting with your repositories and sending you notifications. Learn more about blocking users..
  3. Synonyms for complexly include complicatedly, involvedly, intricately, convolutedly, elaborately, difficultly, hardly, impenetrably, labyrinthinely and serpentinely.
  4. adjective. composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite: a complex highway system. characterized by a very complicated or involved arrangement of parts, units, etc.: complex machinery. so complicated or intricate as to be hard to understand or deal with: a complex problem. Grammar
  5. A term coined by John Green in his novel Paper Towns, and thus embraced by nerdfighters everywhere as a truly magical gesture of the miracle of human consciousness. Imagining someone complexly is imagining them in the terms you might imagine yourself. Things you think about your person, such as dreams, histories, heartbreaks, epic loves, and deepest secrets, are also things you ponder about.
  6. com·plete (kəm-plēt′) adj. com·plet·er, com·plet·est 1. Having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire: a complete medical history; a complete set of dishes. 2. Botany Having all principal parts, namely, the sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil or pistils. Used of a flower. 3. Having come to an end; concluded: The renovation.

Maths of or involving one or more complex numbers 2. Psychoanal a group of emotional ideas or impulses that have been banished from the conscious mind but that continue to influence a person's behaviour 3 Complexly Sentence Examples The whole area of the state was formerly a complexly folded mountainous region of strong relief, which was 2 In addition the state contains approximately 2514 sq. Eye makeup application is probably the trickiest of all to master, simply because the eye area is so complexly shaped Antonyms for complexly. 57 synonyms for complex: compound, compounded, multiple, composite, manifold, heterogeneous, multifarious, complicated, difficult, involved, mixed, elaborate. What are synonyms for complexly Complexly. 609 likes · 7 talking about this. We're a production company that believes the more we understand, the better we are at being people. Learn about us and our shows at complexly.com

Meet Complexly, a Montana-based team who produces videos for 40M fans through SciShow, Crash Course, and more Linktree. Make your link do more Complexly. 610 likes · 6 talking about this. We're a production company that believes the more we understand, the better we are at being people. Learn about us and our shows at complexly.com

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  1. ated sediments. Full size image. References. Bougon N, Aquilina L, Briand MP, Coedel S.
  2. Definition of complexly in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of complexly. What does complexly mean? Information and translations of complexly in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  3. complexly: In a complex manner; not simply. Simply love, and love complexly without complicating a thing.. The Bushman Way of Tracking God. They clap rhythms that are complexly syncopated, singing various strands of undulating melodies.. The Bushman Way of Tracking Go

Complexly is the production company for Crash Course, SciShow, and a dozen other education video channels. With over 14,000,000 subscribers and 60,000,000 views per month, it is one of the largest. Complexly Simple, Ajax, Canada marcela@complexlysimple.ca. Powered by Squarespace.

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Producer: Study Hall. As a producer, you oversee the flow of production, ensure all projects meet deadlines to facilitate smooth productions, and assure all videos align with Complexly's production standards. You could be running shoots, directing hosts, or working closely with editors and our animators on video revisions Das P-NP-Problem (auch P≟NP, P versus NP) ist ein ungelöstes Problem der Mathematik, speziell der Komplexitätstheorie in der theoretischen Informatik.Dabei ist die Frage, ob die Menge aller Probleme, die schnell lösbar sind und die Menge aller Probleme, bei der man eine vorgeschlagene Lösung schnell auf Korrektheit überprüfen kann (), identisch sind We present the full-size Russian complexly NER-labeled corpus of Internet user reviews, along with an evaluation of accuracy levels reached on this corpus by a set of advanced deep learning neural networks to extract the pharmacologically meaningful entities from Russian texts. The corpus annotation includes mentions of the following entities: Medication (33005 mentions), Adverse Drug Reaction. 738 Followers, 2,288 Following, 752 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Martia (@complexly_mt Complexly is the production company for Crash Course, SciShow, and a dozen other education video channels and podcasts. Founded in 2012 by Hank and John Green, Complexly has a worldwide audience of 20 million subscribers and 2.4 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the largest global online educational companies. Complexly makes content that reflects their enthusiasm for understanding.

Fetal distress is a widely used but poorly defined term. This confusion of definition compounds the difficulty of making an accurate diagnosis and initiating appropriate treatment. The fetus reacts at the onset of asphyxia with a remarkable series of responses, primarily a complexly regulated redist The striking interface situation of the construction site at the eponymous confluence of the Rhône and the Saône inspired the superposition in urban space of two complexly linked architectural units, crystal and cloud. The cloud structure, floating on pillars, contains a spatial sequence of black boxes— admitting no daylight, so as to achieve maximum flexibility for exhibition design Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu more complexly, of connecting us to the ancient conversation about how to live as a person in a world full of other people (johngreenbooks.com). It is not always easy to understand other people or to see them as complex as they truly are, but literature can be a way of practising that, presuming the characters are fairly close to real human beings. It is important that characters are.

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Complexly quotes from YourDictionary: We may summarize the main line of this complexly meandering tale as a list of ironies - invoking the technical definition of irony as a statement where, for humorous or sarcastic effect, the intended meaning of a.. — complexly adverb. The rules are complexly written. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. 2 complex / ˈ kɑːmˌplɛks/ noun. plural complexes. 2 complex / ˈ kɑːmˌplɛks/ noun. plural complexes. Learner's definition of COMPLEX [count] 1 : a group of buildings, apartments, etc., that are located near each other and used for a particular purpose. a. Utilizing dual DIW 3D printing strategies, various complexly shaped structures were successfully fabricated while using CNC as support material. Even in a highly confined environment, such as the inside of a balloon, water was still able to easily remove the CNC support material during post processing. The interlayer adhesion of the elastomeric filaments was also demonstrated by the balloon. In tendon, mechanical demands at the tissue level follow a complex path to the cell, via a sometimes complexly organized Type-I collagen matrix. Translational Ortho - Biomechanics. Advances in orthopaedic medicine almost allow us to take our long-term physical mobility for granted. Main content . Welcome to the Laboratory for Orthopaedic Biomechanics. The Laboratory for Orthopaedic.

Complexly contaminated river sediment caused by reducible and oxidizable organic pollutants is a growing global concern due to the adverse influence on ecosystem safety and planetary health. How to strengthen indigenous microbial metabolic activity to enhance biodegradation and mineralization efficiency of refractory composite pollutants is critical but poorly understood in environmental. Complexly: SciShow, Crash Course and more. Mar 2017 - Present4 years. Missoula, Montana Area. Co host of the PBS Digital Studios and Complexly show EONS a weekly YouTube series that explores the. SciShow Tangents. From Complexly and WNYC Studios. The lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. About

Drift through turns at high speed in this cool racing game, Burnout Drift by Paco Games. Visit the garage and customize your car however you want. Adjust the engine power, braking ratio, steering sensitivity and more to complexly modify the cars behavior. Experiment with different vehicle settings to find the ideal setup of your vehicle to drift like a real pro Complexly LLC Education. Everyone. 358. Offers in-app purchases. Add to Wishlist. Install. At Crash Course, we believe that high-quality educational content should be available to everyone for free. We produce courses that accompany high school and college-level classes ranging from the humanities to the sciences. On YouTube we have created a community of over 10 million subscribers that. This podcast is a production of Complexly. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. More episodes . Dear Hank and John. Dear Hank and John (or as John likes to think of it, Dear John and Hank) is a comedy podcast about death. Hank and John Green (YouTubers and etc) answer questions, give questionable advice, and talk about Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 3rd tier English football club. Au5. Just a memory is a track off Au5's first studio EP, Iconoclast. With an eerie melody layered above complexly interchanging dubstep growls, the track descends into the. Read More. I love writing patterns and designing, puzzles and mysteries, and simply complex and complexly simple things. My designs are adventures in knitting and I hope you have fun. If you like them, you can join my knitjbeale Designs group and see what's happening on my @knitjbeale! I grew up in North Saanich on Vancouver Island but Newfoundland and Labrador is where I call home. I have a B.Sc. in.

33 synonyms of complex from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 77 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for complex Our series is a production of Complexly, which brings you other such educational series as Crash Course, SciShow, Origin of Everything, Eons, Journey to the Microcosmos, and many others. This page is managed by The Art Assignment and Complexly. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 86 exclusive posts. 57. Images . 12. Polls. 41. Writings. By becoming a patron, you'll. Find 131 ways to say COMPLEX, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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  1. What's more complexly organised. Brain. Universe. Vote. 11 Votes in Poll. 0. 11. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. 1. Randomuser66 · 5/16/2021. HOLY SHIT. GO OUTSIDE. 0. 3atOnce · 5/16/2021. The brain has 2.2 quadrillion connections, the amount of stars in the universe is 2 trillion (edited by 3atOnce) 0. Randomuser66 · 5/17/2021. The amount of stars in the universe is closer to 100 quintillion, in the.
  2. Melt- vs. Non-Melt Blending of Complexly Processable Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene/Cellulose Nanofiber Bionanocomposite . by Nur Sharmila Sharip. 1, Hidayah Ariffin. 1,2,*, Tengku Arisyah Tengku Yasim-Anuar. 2, Yoshito Andou. 3, Yuki Shirosaki. 4, Mohammad Jawaid. 1, Paridah Md Tahir. 1 and . Nor Azowa Ibrahim. 5. 1. Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products (INTROP.
  3. Complex definition, composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite: a complex highway system. See more
  4. ARC: Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency: A Framework for Intervention with Complexly Traumatized Youth. NCTSN Resource. Resource Description. Discusses the Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) model, a flexible intervention for children with complex trauma. This webinar describes how the intervention can address a continuum of exposures, including ongoing exposure, as well.
  5. Thanks John, Hank, & the amazing Complexly team. Y'all crushed it. The Angriest Teacher Ever , 05/01/2020. Worth the download I've been a big fan of Crash Course for years. Many of my past teachers have used it to supplement lessons and I have relied on it to understand the material in other classes. I'm very glad that it's made the transition to a full blown app with all of the.

Dear Hank & John on Apple Podcasts. 294 episodes. Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life's big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week's news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club) The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. On The Anthropocene Reviewed, #1 New York Times bestselling author John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down) reviews different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale Synonyms for compliance in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for compliance. 35 synonyms for compliance: conformity, agreement, obedience, assent, observance, concurrence.

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  1. complex ( third-person singular simple present complexes, present participle complexing, simple past and past participle complexed ) ( chemistry, intransitive) To form a complex with another substance. ( transitive) To complicate
  2. complexity definition: 1. the state of having many parts and being difficult to understand or find an answer to: 2. the. Learn more
  3. complexlyの意味や使い方 【副詞】1複雑な方法で(in a complex manner) - 約1174万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。発音・イディオムも分かる英語辞書
  4. Madeline Doering. I'm a math-communicator, data enthusiast, and interdisciplinary learning designer working to put the femme in STEM and empower people to think critically about the world with learning, storytelling, and data. Currently I'm a Managing Editor at Complexly where I work on the educational YouTube channel Crash Course that reaches.

The differences were of both a qualitative and quantitative nature, as the signatures in the patients with SLE were characterized by much more complexly compiled gene patterns with increased absolute gene expression levels. Overall desig Code 128 is a high density, variable length, continuous, alphanumeric symbology. It was designed for complexly encoded product identification. Each code 128 character consists of six elements: three bars and three spaces. ^BC supports a fixed print ratio. Field data (^FD) is limited to the width (or length, if rotated) of the label. Parameters interwoven definition: 1. past participle of interweave 2. past participle of interweave. Learn more IN A NUTSHELL - KURZGESAGT. We create beautiful videos to share our passion for knowledge. We value quality over quantity, always. Nothing in the universe is boring if you tell a good story

STD is a proven leader in the manufacturing of high precision, complexly configured, tightly toleranced gears, splines and other related mechanical transmission components. We have the necessary skilled machinists, machinery, quality control and inspection equipment to provide you with superior product and documentation, second to none in the industry. From prototype to production, STD has the. OUR VISION: Every complexly-diagnosed person will have access to care in their community and every staff member can advance. We are proud of our work and we strive to continue to make a difference. Clients served. Caregivers trained. Visits to client's home. Hours of services provided Your contribution makes a difference! We know that one small gesture can make a world of difference in the. ComplexlyRoss Vaporwave Scenery Crewneck $36.99. ComplexlyRoss Vaporwave Scenery Crewneck. $36.99. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available: Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders! View full product details. Color Mauve Heather Dust Dark Grey Purple Navy Triblend Ungulates: Hoofed Mammals. One traditional grouping of mammals, the Ungulata, is now recognized as a paraphyletic grouping; that is, it contains some, but not all, descendants of a common ancestor. The common ancestor of the two groups of hoofed mammals alive today was also the ancestor of several groups which don't have hooves at all, notably the Proboscidea (elephants), Sirenia (manatees and.

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Created by Byron Balasco. With Frank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker. A retired MMA fighter turned trainer juggles keeping his mixed martial arts gym running and keeping his family united Complexly Sweet. Simply Delicious! Originally hailing from New Zealand, KORU® apples are now proudly grown in NY and WA. KORU® apples are sweet and juicy; taste of orange, vanilla, honey, and spice; and pack a big crunch! They're also great for entertaining and snacks because their flesh is slow to brown. Find KORU® Apples at With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free In this article. Indexers are a syntactic convenience that enable you to create a class, struct, or interface that client applications can access as an array. The compiler will generate an Item property (or an alternatively named property if IndexerNameAttribute is present), and the appropriate accessor methods. Indexers are most frequently implemented in types whose primary purpose is to. 27.05.2021 10:21 DFG sets up new CRC Human Differentiation for JGU and IEG Dr. Juliane Schwoch Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz. The German Research.

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Discover the latest adult coloring pages of our website, from our different categories. We try to add new and exclusive drawings regularly, so do not hesitate to check this page as often as possible In order to realize the complexly shaped construction within the project's time and budget frame and to make way for the high standards of materials and finish, a combination of innovative and known building technology with a high degree of prefabrication and repeatability has been applied. The fact that the building's shape, its spacious and functional organization and the constructive.

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GENERAL INFORMATION Complexly Traumatized Youth Essential Components continued Key components: ARC identifies three primary domains (Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency); and a fourth domain (Trauma Experience Integration) which draws from skills addressed in the first three. Within each domain, primary target Researchers have printed complexly encoded data with normal ink and a carbon nanoparticle-based invisible ink, requiring both UV light and a computer that has been taught the code to reveal the correct messages. Credit: ACS Applied Materials Interfaces. Researchers have printed complexly encoded data using a carbon nanoparticle-based ink that can be read only by an artificial intelligence (AI.

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About Complexly; Get In Touch; Shows; SciShow; Crash Course; Eons; SciShow Space; SciShow Psych; SciShow Kids; Mental Floss; The Art Assignment; Healthcare Triage; The Financial Diet; Animal Wonders; Sexplanations; Nature League; Holy F*****g Science; How to Adult; 100 Days ; How to Vote in Every State; Crash Course Kids; Menu. Home ; About Us; Our Shows. SciShow Sharing the awesomeness of the. Prior to Complexly, she's worked for Sony Music and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts in varying capacities. Taylor Behnke is a writer, video maker, and digital organizer. She was named a YouTube Creators for Change fellow in 2017 for her channel It's Radish Time. She also works as a digital strategist for nonprofits and political campaigns. Angela Y. Lin works on all things Learning at YouTube. per month. Join. Beginning in 2018, we stopped posting outtakes on the Crash Course YouTube channel. Those instead go here, just for $5+ patrons. Plus: Exclusive content in the activity feed. A monthly calendar wallpaper with the Crash Course upload schedule. Monthly livestreams with the Crash Course team. Patreon-exclusive updates and giveaways Architecture is one of the most complexly negotiated and globally recognized cultural practices, both as an academic subject and a professional career. Its production involves all of the technical, aesthetic, political, and economic issues at play within a given society. Join us as we examine how architecture engages, mediates, and expresses a. Because financial debts can be larger in nature, they can be more complexly structured, along with terms that are enacted to protect both the lender/borrower. Companies facing difficult business odds may take on more debt for riskier ventures to gamble on a new product/strategy. Formula . YCharts calculates this formula by summing up Long Term Debt, Current Portion Debt, Dividends Payable.

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Intrigue, politics, and conspiracies mesh complexly in a world Sanderson realizes in satisfying depth and peoples with impressive characters. Cinescape magazine said Author of the critically acclaimed instant fantasy classic Elantris (2005), Brandon Sanderson returns with the first novel of his new Mistborn Series. After 1,000 years of oppression the memory of hope has all but faded in a. ARC: Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency: A Framework for Intervention with Complexly Traumatized Youth. In this webinar Kristine Kinniburgh of the Trauma Center at JRI discusses ARC (Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency) a flexible intervention for children with complex trauma. She describes how the intervention can address a. • Concepts complexly interrelated • Exact relationship depends on definition, discipline, and personal preference • In the SES literature the concepts are often seen as two ends on a continuum: Or, as resilience as a component of vulnerability: Resilience . Vulnerability . Vulnerability . Resilience . 7 Policy strategies with different focuses Resilience is linked to dynamics of social. Nicole Oresme was born around 1320 in the diocese of Bayeux in Normandy, possibly in the village of Allemagne (now Fleury-sur-Orne) on the outskirts of the Norman city of Caen (Burton 2007, 6). By 1341/42 he had obtained his master of arts at the University of Paris and was probably teaching philosophy there (Courtenay 2000, 544; Burton 2007, 7. He is complexly and irreverently referential; the Dracula sequence--Anno Dracula, The Bloody Red Baron and Dracula,Cha Cha Cha--not only portrays an alternate world in which the Count conquers Victorian Britain for a while, is the mastermind behind Germany's air aces in World War One and survives into a jetset 1950s of paparazzi and La Dolce.

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Now, researchers have printed complexly encoded data with normal ink and a carbon nanoparticle-based invisible ink, requiring both UV light and a computer that has been taught the code to reveal. American Indian languages, languages spoken by the original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere and their modern descendants. The American Indian languages do not form a single historically interrelated stock (as do the Indo-European languages), nor are there any structural features (i See what Ella McGuire (complexlyella) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas

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What does intricate mean? The definition of intricate is complex or having many details. (adjective) An example of intricate is a puzzle with 1000.. Named after the sports term for taking a break from the regular season to sharpen your game, The Off-Season changes up Cole's approach in several ways, breaking away somewhat from his personal storytelling style in favor of more wordplay and complexly constructed bars. This can be felt almost immediately on opening track 9 5 . S o u t h, an. Architecture is one of the most complexly negotiated and globally recognized cultural practices, both as an academic subject and a professional career. Its production involves all of the technical, aesthetic, political, and economic issues at play within a given society. Join us as we examine how architecture engages, mediates, and expresses a culture's complex aspirations. This course is.

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