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Solana is a public base-layer blockchain protocol that optimizes for scalability. Its goal is to provide a platform that enables developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) without needing to design around performance bottlenecks. Solana features a new timestamp system called Proof-of-History (PoH) that enables automatically ordered transactions Solana roadmap. I am reading about project and I would love to see some timeline infographics what was achieved and what is the future of the project. There are many things mentioned but no followups. Why is Solana still on beta what are the conditions to move forward? 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 89% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level. Solana (SOL) roadmap, news & upcoming events: hard fork, halving, release, airdrop, listing on Binance and others. Coindar Calendar. Calendar. All current events of cryptocurrencies and search on them. Add event. Contribute to the development of the service. Favorites . Events and favorite coins rates. Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship resistant blockchain providing the open infrastructure required for global adoption. Start Building Learn More. 0. Total Transactions. 400ms. Block Time. $0.00025. Avg. Fee Per Transaction. 0. Nodes. Learn more about Solana 1:40 Watch now → Join the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto. The best projects in DeFi, Web3, and blockchain gaming choose to.

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Solana (SOL) Roadmap The first private testnet for the SOL currency was released in Q1 of 2018. During the testing phase, the developers managed to achieve a throughput of 250.000 transactions per second Solana is one of the most performant blockchains. It is a fast, secure, and censorship resistant blockchain providing the open infrastructure required for global adoption. The protocol is designed to scale together hardware and bandwidth improvements, with capacity expected to double every 2 years Solanax is a Solana blockchain-based automated market maker (AMM) that uses the decentralized exchange's central order book to facilitate lightning-fast trades, pooled liquidity, and additional features for earning income. To enable low-cost and high-speed transactions, Solana was chosen as the underlying blockchain SolanaDino's team accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published. The milestone dates provided in the roadmap are ment as a reference only and can be subject to change. SolanaDino is not a security as per US financial regulation, Europe, UK, Canada.

Proudly built on Solana. $ROPE aims to bring the very best of De-Fi to users, using the power and speed of the Solana Protocol Persian. Quiet and one of the sweetest cats. Handles the Marketing Operations

Roadmap; About; Vision. WOOFENOMICS began as a social experiment about burning tokens, but was late to join the memecoin bandwagon. Early on we've shifted towards building something that is largely missing in the Solana ecosystem, which is a central marketplace for NFTs to be auctioned, sold and put on display. NFTs should be able to be safely stored while they are not on the market, but. The first generative NFTs on Solana. Home Wallet FAQ Roadmap. Start. Finish all 1800 robot parts 01. May 2021. Define parts rarities and integrate with renderer. 02. May 2021. Provide escrow marketplace via smart contract. Holders earn a share of txn fees. 01. Jun 2021. Set up a general NFT marketplace for Solana. 02. Jul 2021. The future is glorious! [email protected].

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Solanium is the go-to platform for the Solana blockchain. Participate in public raises of top tier projects, stake your tokens, trade on our DEX, participate in our governance and join our active and growing community. You can stake your SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens to receive xSLIM. xSLIM qualifies you for fee distribution and airdrops, unique pool. LanaTools. LanaTools Will Be a charting platform including features Such as: Setting Price Alerts, viewing Pool Explorer, Tracking Liquidity, Token Holders And So Much More With the First ever online dating platform built on Solana Network. No Memberships, No distressing advertisements. Get rid of the fake notifications. No Data Breaches, No fake Profiles and 100% personal Safety. Get rewarded with native utility token of SolDate instantly when you find a match for yourself

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Crazy Ape Coin is not a utility token, it's just a meme coin built on Solana and created for fun. The information provided is not a recommendation that you should invest or purchase in the product described. Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk, and Crazy Ape Coin will not be responsible for your investment problems or losses caused by any inaccurate information and we do. Solana (SOL) Roadmap. Q1 2020. Update of JSON RPC API; Mainnet Beta; Q2 2020. Smart Contract features released. Public launch on Binance; Transaction fees and token inflation activated; Solana is currently in business development and commercial partnerships with the following companies. Civic, Hummingbot, Chainlink, Akash, LoanSnap, Fortmatic, dFuse, Pocket Network . advertisement. Predict the. Solana does not have a roadmap available. Though, developers and continuously working on improvements and new features. And as long as the Bitcoin & Ethereum Network continue to camp with slow transactions and high fees it's expected projects are switching over to other network, including Solana FROG is a community meme token, built on Solana Blockchain. It has a great use case of rating and rewarding meme/art creators. Roadmap. Litepaper. FROG is a project that aims to reward creatives, across CT and beyond, for their original art and memes through a community-ranked leaderboard. The FROG token is used to vote on your favorite artist's work, give access to the platform to post your.

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  1. Solana is a high-throughput blockchain that is currently supporting 50-65k transactions per second and 400ms block times, without complex solutions like sharding or layer-two. As the world's first web-scale blockchain, Solana will unlock a whole new class of performant applications and facilitate larger scale blockchain adoption. Utilizing a revolutionary innovation called Proof of History.
  2. Roadmap; Select Page. First SOL Token as Strong as a Rhino ζ . E. Built on Solana blockchain. What is RHINOlana Token? RHINOlana is a community token, built on Solana Blockchain, one of the fastest out there. It is built to drive awareness towards saving of Rhinos on our beloved blue planet. Total Supply of 10,00,00,000 RHINOlana. 5,00,00,000. 50% Burn. We will keep burning the tokens on.
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  4. A Solana Risk Management Tool. Seamless interaction with your portfolio. Sell & buy your assets in a tap, on a single interface
  5. For our roadmap, we will start with a vault for USDC, USDT, wUSDC, and wDAI, facilitating low slippage swaps with dynamic fees. As key technical and ecosystem pieces (like inter-program composability and price oracles) become available on Solana, features will be added accordingly. Furthermore, a beta on Solana testnet will be deployed along with a lite paper containing key technical and.
  6. gbot, Chainlink, Akash, LoanSnap, Fortmatic, dFuse, Pocket Network. Solana (SOL) Partnerships.
  7. g an endangered species, after being hunted out for cuisines. This is why we need your help in out fight.

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Home Wallet FAQ Roadmap. Welcome to Solaria Prime. Lavalit Butler. Solana Shill. Tezz LightYear. Shipped: 5376/8000 Buy Solarian! Price: 13.63 SOL Solarian Commandments. 1. We are Solarians. We are the future. 2. We love Solana and its highly parallelized blockchain. 3. Solarians are the most highly sought-after NFT collectibles on Solana. 4. Every Solarian is animated and generated from 1800. The first AI yield farming aggregator on Binance Smart Chain & Solana. Main ; Main dashboard; Pool Dashboard; Roadmap; About; Pitchdeck; Coming Soon; Portfolio Tracking Coming Soon; King Farms Coming Soon; Audit; Token New; Farms New; Partners; Join the community: KROWN EVENT. Tokenomics . Buy BUSD Connect Wallet. Balance: From . MAX BUSD . Balance: To . KRW . Approve & Swap. Buy BUSD Connect. SolClout is envisioning a platform to build a formidable community powered by Solana, a high throughput, scalable public blockchain project. SolClout will allow for cryptocurrency projects and users to create and boot-strap Clout-driven communities geared towards building fast and sustainable social presences


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  3. Solana checks every single box except for one, transparency. Now, ever since I first covered Solana's last form, I haven't been able to shake off the feeling that something is off. For starters.

Solana will be the first external addition to Waves' roadmap to achieving mass adoption of inter-chain DeFi through the Gravity interoperability protocol. Back to all projects. We are thrilled to announce the integration of the Solana protocol into Gravity, a decentralized cross-chain and oracle network based on the Waves protocol Our Mission. Our mission is to create a ZERO commission platform for crowd-sourcing. You can can get your work done fast through AI or in a distributed manner through crowd-sourcing. You can also do the work as per your skills and earn SINE Solana's initial roadmap. Image via ICOdrops. Despite some development hurdles, Solana has managed to secure some serious partnerships. Their collaboration with FTX's Serum DEX is particularly significant, primarily the team at FTX had reportedly looked at dozens of alternative chains over the course of a year before choosing Solana. The second major partnership is with Chainlink, with. Get roadmap, whitepaper, ICO token price and other information about Solana. social stats and more. ICO list; Coupons; Add ICO; Promote ICO; Services; Blog; Crypto exchanges; en English русский español italiano português français Deutsch 한국어. Log in. Sign up. Explore ICOs › Solana; Solana Read more about ICO Solana: review, rating, road map, overview Other; UPCOMING. About. Roadmap. Frequently Asked Questions. The Solanium Platform. Trade. ⏳ Staking. Pools. ️ Governance. Links. Website. Twitter. Telegram. GitHub. Powered by GitBook. Introduction. The Solanium platform is a decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain. The platform will introduce decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking and governance voting to the Solana.

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DeFi platform roadmap release. Phase 4. Polkadot, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche & Polygon integrations. Phase 5. Dedicated IT team to start DEX implementation. Phase 5. CEX Listing. Core Team. Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen. Paweł Łaskarzewski. Co-Founder. Info . Michał Domarecki. Co-Founder. Info. Wojciech Litwin. Chief of Technology. Info. Marcin Ugarenko. SC. Roadmap. Evolution to Venus. Features. Boost. I Feel Lucky. Black Holes. Harvest Lockup. Auto-Deflation. Emergency Withdraw. Lottery. Ecosystems. Binance Smart Chain. Polygon. Solana. EXTRA. Suggestions & Ideas. Audits . Security. Contracts. Powered by GitBook. Roadmap. Check our Evolution to Venus for more details on our Roadmap. Launch Planet Farms on BSC. Audits (In progress) Apply for.

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Crowny (CRWNY) Built on Solana Redefines Online Advertising. The global digital advertising spending worldwide is expected to grow to $389 billion in 2021. Unfortunately, online advertising and the target audience seem to be pulling in different directions. The reports suggest that while 46% of the online ads are poorly targeted, at least 50%. Roadmap. 2021-2022. Smart Contract Resources - Previous. Ethereum x Solana. Next - Info & Social Media. Important Links. Last updated 3 months ago


  1. g Aggregator Optimizer protocol on #Solana. Join Community: https://t.co.
  2. ROPEV is a DeFi-based volatility index providing a volatility index for the De-Fi ecosystem. This instrument will allow users to trade or hedge with a volatility index within the entire cryptocurrency market. The details on technical implementation will be published according to the roadmap.Users will be able to trade ROPEV using the ROPEx trading platform
  3. Solana will be the first external addition to Waves' roadmap to achieving mass adoption of inter-chain DeFi through the Gravity interoperability protocol. As we strive to build an interoperabl

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  1. 3 City of Solana Beach Energy Roadmap Introduction Section I. Saving Energy in City Government Operations . City government can be a significant user of energy in its own buildings, facilities, and equipment. City employees also play a role through their commute choices, equipment usage, and use of government vehicles. These and other energy.
  2. The most pressing questions of our customers. What is Marinade? Marinade.finance is a liquid staking protocol built on Solana. People stake their Solana tokens with Marinade using automatic staking strategies and receive staked SOL tokens they can use in the world of DeFi or to swap any time back to original SOL tokens to unstake
  3. With everything now running on Solana the next step on the technical roadmap is to address all outstanding issues to tighten up the developer tools and user experience. This roadmap has two phases: Phase 1: Efficiency; Phase 2: Clean up; The goal is for the following two phases to be complete by the end of March. Once these phases are complete, the foundational tools for the ecosystem will be.
  4. For developers, Solana offers a range of features making it a desirable option to build on. Looking past the promised faster and cheaper transactions, developers can code in C, C++, Rust, and more languages. On top of that, there's an ambitious roadmap of virtual machine integrations lined up
  5. The token is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. Make sure not to buy any fake tokens, always keep an eye out on our official social media channels. You can view more information on our tokenomics page
  6. Visit our Discord to check PizzaPug Roadmap! Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed. PizzaPug coin's team accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published
  7. Solana (SOL) is an open-source project deployed on a new, high-performance, and permissionless blockchain. Solana is also the name of a San Francisco-based company that maintains the project. Centralized databases are now moving towards scaling 710,000 transactions per second (TPS) over a standard gigabit network if the average transactions do not exceed 176 bytes

Solana has launched SOL Token which uses delegated proof of stake algorithm to validate a transaction, as to build Solana they have 8 different Innovation i.e. PoH, Turbine, PBFT, Gulfstream, Sealevel, Pipelining, Cloudbreak, Achievers and as per roadmap in 2020 they will be building powerful oracle with help of Chainlink, Loansnap with using homecoin will provide liquidity for loans, API. Dexlab is a decentralized exchange where the best Solana projects mint and list their tokens. LAUNCH APP WHITE PAPER. About DexLab? How do I trade? MINTING LAB. Token management No code . GUI-Based SPL Token Management (Q4 2021) Easy token sale (IDO) DexLab Launchpad provides the ultimate token sale experience (Q2 2021) Easy Market Listing. Easily list any minted token (Q3 2021) Expansion. Sau khi mở bán, token STEP có thể được lưu trữ trong ví Sollet của nền tảng Solana. Roadmap & Updates. Dự án chưa công bố roadmap cụ thể. Đội ngũ Coin98 sẽ cập nhật khi dự án đưa thêm thông tin. Đội ngũ dự án, Nhà đầu tư & Đối tác. Đội ngũ chưa công bố thông tin về đội ngũ dự án và các nhà đầu tư. Dự án.

Validator Functionality Expansion. First identity.com IDV Toolkit operational with government ID document, email and phone validation. Validators can set fiat prices that are automatically converted to CVCs in their identity.com processes. Identity Validators can offer their validation services directly to Requesters in a B2B solution The roadmap looks at businesses and activities by their level of risk and the potential impact to the health of Solano County residents. The phases for reopening are divided into three categories: low, medium and high risk. These categories are detailed below. As we reopen Solano County, it is important to continue to protect our population at high risk to Covid-19 illness. High Risk. MetaSol Roadmap. MetaSol is a meta transaction protocol that allows the users to transfer SPL tokens without holding SOL on the Solana blockchain. We have previously introduced the initial proof of concept here. TLDR. We are going to release MetaSol in the following order: single relay testnet -> white paper for multi-relay network -> single relay mainnet -> multi-relay testnet -> multi-relay. Solana is a close partner of the Kin Ecosystem, and has been working hard to ensure a smooth blockchain upgrade and higher performance for Kin users as a result. A technical roadmap has been released detailing the latest status of this migration and the work required to reach completion. The Kin Ecosystem has been energized by the recent progress, self-organizing to identify and reach goals.


  1. 08:46 Roadmap 09:30 Team 09:59 Advisory and Partnerships 11:37 Tokenomics 13:47 Subscribe, Like and Share About Me: Telegram Community!: Twitter: Buy Bitcoin through Coinbase: Binance Exchange: Recommended wallet - Ledger Nano S:.
  2. Solana Foundation's roadmap shows that the mainnet is planned to operate in delegated-Proof-of-Stake (dPoS). When Solana migrates to the dPoS, token holders will be able to participate in the.
  3. Overview. The goal of Mango Markets is to create a trader and maker friendly decentralized trading platform. Initial core features will be fully on-chain margin trading on limit order books as well as perpetual futures, which are the main drivers of centralized exchange revenue

Javier Solana de Madariaga (* 14.Juli 1942 in Madrid) ist ein spanischer Politiker.Von 1995 bis 1999 war er Generalsekretär der NATO.Von 1999 bis Ende November 2009 war er Generalsekretär des Rates der Europäischen Union und Hoher Vertreter für die Gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (GASP), ab 25. November 1999 darüber hinaus auch Generalsekretär der Westeuropäischen Union (WEU) The world of DeFi can be exceedingly confusing, but this AI-powered yield farming aggregator is designed to help users make informed decisions. A DeFi platform says it offers the first artificial intelligence-powered yield farming aggregator that works across Binance Smart Chain and Solana. KingDeFi has adopted a medieval theme as it interacts with users, who are [

In their third year, Solana has partnered with CoinDCX and Devfolio, among other regional partners, from India to create a $20 million ecosystem fund, focused on providing capital to the best and brightest from India's crypto space. Any India-based project with a defined roadmap and proven track record will be able to apply for the funding Solana Network Sale. Links. Website. Twitter. Telegram. Medium. Powered by GitBook. Roadmap. The roadmap below is subject to change. A more formal roadmap will be released closer to the date of our token sale. Our team is working hard to deliver fast without compromising performance. Q2 2021. Token Sale (Round 1) 1st Community Airdrop. 1st Ambassadors Airdrop . Token Sale (Round 2) UI/UX. Solana roadmap. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Solana roadmap. Does someone have a link to Solana's roadmap? I can only find old ones. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the solana community.

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When we first learnt about Solana in the summer of 2020, we fell in love instantly. The chain merged the low transaction cost of BSC, with the decentralization of Ethereum, and took it up a notch. After months of research, we decided to make the move. We whole-heartedly believe that Solana is the next wave in the blockchain ecosystem. SolSports is our way of building something for a community. Roadmap. Powered by GitBook. Roadmap. Post Launch. Add double asset reward Fusion pools. Zap feature (Deposit/withdraw assets via SolFarm UI) (Delayed) Audit with Solana Foundation (on waitlist) v2 Plans. In development Protocol - Previous. Raydium Fusion Pool. Last updated 1 month ago. Contents. Post Launch. v2 Plans. Roadmap. Powered by GitBook. Home. The Efficient Solana Yield Aggregator. SolFarm is the first yield aggregation platform built on Solana with auto-compounding vault strategies. The dApp (decentralized application) is designed to take advantage of Solana's low cost, high efficiency blockchain, allowing the vault strategies to compound frequently. This allows stakers to benefit from higher APYs. Roadmap. New branding, New website. Q4 2020. Q1 2021. Beta app launch, Beta portal launch, DEX Listing, Fundraising. App & portal launch, Launch microtask feature, First SME partnerships, Introducing NFT's. Q2 2021. Q3 2021. Bridge to Solana and SPL-CRWNY token, Multi-trigger campaign feature, more SME partnerships. Customer onboarding, Development of AR layer. Q4 2021. The team. Quincy.

Più il team sta implementando e realizzando con successo la roadmap, più persone useranno Solana, il che porterà ad una domanda del token e ad un aumento del prezzo. È molto probabile che Solana possa salire del 100-300% nel breve termine. Il progetto sta procedendo molto bene e l'ecosistema sta crescendo rapidamente. Il futuro sembra molto luminoso per la previsione di Solana per il. Roadmap; Tokenomics; Whitepaper; SOL + AKITA = SAKITA. SAKITA is an upgrade from previous DOGE tokens in decentralized spontaneous community building. SAKITA is better, faster and stronger than DOGE or SHIBA (built on ETH with expensive transactions). Follow Us. AB O UT. About SAKITA SOLANA + AKITA. Bringing the best of the DOGE-like dogs to the Solana Blockchain with cheaper and faster.

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Roadmap. We move fast and break things. We ship a lot of code very quickly, don't hold us to these. New pools and utility ETH pool BTC pool 3Pool metapools rUSD-3Pool metapool (Ramp DeFi) fUSDT-3pool metapool UST-3pool metapool (Terra) Borrow and lend (Ruler Protocol) Nerve V2. Cross-chain functionality ETH bridge BTC bridge USDT bridge EVM-compatible sidechain bridge Expansion to Solana. The Cardano roadmap is a summary of Cardano development, which has been organized into five eras: Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire. Each era is centered around a set of functionalities that will be delivered across multiple code releases. While the eras of Cardano will be delivered sequentially, the work for each era happens in parallel, with research, prototyping, and development. While roadmap to scaling and adoption is not yet clear, as an early stage project, this does not present a particularly concerning issue. Additional Information . We have been in discussions with the Solana ICO team and our ratings are based on conversations and information that they have asked us to keep confidential. While it may seem premature to rate their ICO highly, we have been made.

Woofenomics | Woof. Home ; Lite Paper; Roadmap; Abou The Solana decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol is seeing a big boost following a number of high-profile projects already building on the platform.. So far in April 2021, the SOL token, which powers the Solana blockchain and the protocol's main decentralized exchange (DEX), Serum (SRM), has seen its price surge by over 50%

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What Solana Does Well. Because it's so fast, Solana can support all sorts of projects. Decentralized exchanges work great on Solana. A DEX that's running on Solana could clear tens of thousands of transactions per second with an average trade costing only $0.00001 Find out more about Solana, which was initially released in 2020, through a structured assessment of its SOL coin's utility and underlining functionality Chi tiết phân bổ token. Số lượng lưu hành ban đầu của SOL là 16,350,633 (tương đương với 3.27% tổng cung) và 11,365,067 token SOL (tương đương với 2.27% tổng cung) đã được burn và tiêu hủy khỏi nguồn cung. Như vậy, Solana sẽ vesting dần cho số lượng 472,284,300 SOL (94.46%) theo.

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Solster IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform for fundraising which is built on the Solana blockchain with guaranteed token allocation to participants. Solster ecosystem incorporate decentralized exchange (DEX) for crypto trading, token swap, token staking, token vesting and lottery platform. Our main focus is improvement on user experience, advanced Launchpad functionality, token sale. Buy and Sell NFTs from your favorite content creators, earn crypto by interacting with these creators, or mint your own NFTs and start earning rewards today. Powered by Solana ROADMAP; COMMUNITY; DOCUMENTATION; ALL-ART PROTOCOL NFT LIQUIDITY POOLS AND LICENSE RIGHTS RUNNING ON SOLANA. The All-Art protocol provides constant liquidity for NFTs by introducing a new type of liquidity pool AMMs, while upgrading the current NFT standard with improved functionalities and embedded license rights called NFT-PRO. THE ALL-ART PROTOCOL IS PARTICIPATING ON SOLANA SEASON. Plutos Network Roadmap. 2020 2021. Q4~Q1. Preparation and Project Kick-off; Start the development of Staking, Marketplace, Sub-parachain & Cross-chain Modules; 2021. Q2. Launch of Plutos Staking ; TGE, IDO and Listings; 2021. Q3. Main-net Launch of Plutos Market; Alpha Launch of Plutos Pool; Migration to Solana; User Dashboard; 2021. Q4. Continuous Business Development; Ecosystem Building. Solstarter Tiers Future Roadmap 15 Allocation Mathematics 17 The Solstarter Ecosystem 19 Adoption of Solana 19 Tokenomics 20 Token Utility 20 Token Allocation 21 SOL-ETH Bridge 22 Liquidity Incentives 22 Competitive Ecosystem 23 Competitive Overview 23 Solstarter IDO Application Process 24 Types of projects we consider 24 3. The Application process 24 Due Diligence Flow 26 Benefits of.

Solpad is an AIO Platform built natively on Solana with true multichain support. Token Sale ended. 4 June 2021. $2,660,000 OF $2,660,000 (100%) WEBSITE. WHITEPAPER. social links . Token Sale: 1 Jun - 4 Jun Ticker: SOLPAD; Token type: Solana; ICO Token Price: 1 SOLPAD = 0.0160 USD Fundraising Goal: 25,000,000 Token Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000; Available for Token Sale: 37%; Whitelist: Yes. With the new resources, Solana Labs will hire engineers and other support staff to accommodate the explosive growth of Solana's developer ecosystem.The post Solana Labs CEO Shares Roadmap Following $314M Fundraise appeared first on Blockworks Solana: https://api.mainnet-beta.solana.com (can be unstable) You can build your own RPC server using this guide as a reference. Wallets. SPL Token Wallet: Github; Sollet.io, powered by the source above; SOL Wallet Adapter, a library to allow Solana dApps to use third-party wallets to sign transactions. DEX Integration . A technical introduction to the Serum DEX can be found here. DEX source.

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Beobachter sahen in der Ablehnung des Treffens ein weiteres Zeichen dafür, dass Israel von der Roadmap abrückt. Eine Sprecherin von EU-Chefdiplomat Javier Solana sagte, sie wisse nicht, warum. Serum - The world's first completely decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain tradin Serum Roadmap. The roadmap for Project Serum appears to be divided into five parts. Parts one and two have already been completed. Part one involved launching the Serum token and the Serum DEX. Part two involved building a cross-chain bridge, opening the door to third party DEX development on Solana, and introducing ecosystem grants for. Zeta (ζ) is the premier under-collateralized DeFi options platform, providing liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions alike. Powered by @solana x @serum

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Solana Foundation's roadmap shows that the mainnet is planned to operate in delegated-Proof-of-Stake (dPoS). When Solana migrates to the dPoS, token holders will be able to participate in the block production process. Validators will be able to earn rewards by either staking their tokens themselves to become a validator, or delegating their tokens to validators they trust. Solana allows any. Johnny (SOLX) - SOL X - Run a blog about the Solana ecosystem and excited to bring decentralised applications to the masses! Dipfit - Developer, scientist, scholar, dancer, yogi; Crushing Codes - Mad coding wizard; Roadmap. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support; More listed DEXes from Ethereum, Solana and BSC; Migrating data retrieval into public. Roadmap. Q3-Q4, 2020. Alpha. Infrastructure set up with blockchain nodes, blockchain index database server and the indexed query APIs. 100% Completed. BIS (Blockchain Indexed Server) v1 . APIS-Core: ETH, BTC RPC testnets. APIS-Unified: wallets, transactions. DeFi support for ERC20, ERC721 . Transaction state management. Q1-Q2, 2021. Beta. Add APIS-Unified endpoints for DEXes, lending platforms.

Solana 0. ecosystem. Launch in Q3; SOON Binance SC 2. ecosystems. MARS (active) VENUS (soon) Explore Polygon 0. ecosystems. Launch in Q2; SOON Roadmap. Answers to most common questions. This is how we start! Because trust is important for a long lasting project. Upon succesful launch we'll get this done asap! Daapradar, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc. We want to be where the people are Roadmap. Team. Github. OFFICIAL CHANNELS. Products. AMM Exchange Binance Smart Chain. AMM Exchange Huobi ECO Chain. Initial NFT Offering. Liquidity Migrations. Guides & FAQ . How to Trade with Alium Swap. How to Provide Liquidity. Security Audits. Private round Smart Contract Audit by Chainsulting. Core DEX Сontracts Audits by Chainsulting. Security Assessment Alium Collectible by CertiK May. Big Defi Energy. The Biggest Defi Ecosystem for the Guys Guy, This Community based Token will be driving and providing pure Alpha. Trading, Gaming, Learning to Code

Kekw Coin. You thought you were the only one waiting for Solana Summer? Kek! 04 Days. 05 Hours. 43 Minutes. 01 Seconds Crypto Gems Series Part 4: Raydium. by Hitesh Malviya. May 21, 2021. in Crypto Gems. 0 0. 0. As the crypto market grows, perhaps the most exciting aspect of it is DeFi and particularly, DEXes. In that context, Raydium is certainly a crypto gem worthy of our attention. An automated market maker (AMM) developed on the Solana blockchain, Raydium. Fully realizing the benefits of the Solana blockchain by taking advantage of some neat technical capabilities that are only possible on a lightning-fast chain with its general architecture. As an example, we have a token whitelisting feature that allows users to gift their whitelists to other users, enabling many new avenues not possible on current generation launchpads. Technical Chops. Và Solana cũng vậy, là một nền tảng với TPS cao (khoảng 1400 TPS so với 15 TPS của Ethereum), phí rẻ và cấu trúc cho phép nâng cấp và phân quyền, ngày càng nhiều dự án đang tìm cách triển khai và phát triển trên Solana. Với cấu trúc độc đáo của riêng mình, Solana là miền đất hứa mới đang mời gọi các dự án mới.

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Caption: Staking Solana on Exodus SOL Wallet. This will bring up a side window, where you can click 'Start earning Solana', and then input the amount you would like to stake, before clicking 'Stake Sol'. Your rewards should start to arrive in your wallet after two epochs on the Solana blockchain (approx 4 days). It's as simple as that Solana and Identity. With all this in mind, the best alternative is Solana, a fast, low-cost Layer-1 blockchain based on breakthrough technology that allows a decentralized network of nodes to outperform the performance of a single node. Currently, Solana can handle up to 50,000 tps with sub-second finality and fees as low as $0.00001 per. The samoyed or самоед is a breed of dog originating from Eastern Europe, same as Solana's beloved cofounder Anatoly Yakovenko! Not only is it the most adorable dog on any blockchain, it also bears the name of one of Solana's ecosystem most prominent figures : Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, making it the perfect Solana doge! It's community-owned and fun! Official Samoyedcoin Website. Solana is the fastest growing ecosystem in the crypto world in 2021. With the ability to provide an incredible 50,000 transactions per second, this permissionless, high-performance blockchain based on Proof of History (PoH) enables low-cost and high-speed transactions like no other. No More High Gas Fees - By using Solana, the Solanax platform offers near-zero fees to provide liquidity to an. Roadmap (Nahostkonflikt) und Assaf Gavron · Mehr sehen » August 2005. Dieser Artikel behandelt aktuelle Nachrichten und Ereignisse im August 2005. Neu!!: Roadmap (Nahostkonflikt) und August 2005 · Mehr sehen » Avigdor Lieberman. Avigdor Lieberman Avigdor Lieberman (geboren am 5. Juni 1958 in Chișinău, Moldauische SSR, UdSSR, kyrillischer. Roadmap-2021Q2. rToken Development. We plan to roll out rDOT/rATOM/rKSM in April, which is quite fast-paced. Among them, rDOT and rATOM will lay the foundation for the scale of rToken assets. They are believed to be the common solutions for the staking liquidity of Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems respectively. Moving ahead, on the strength of the above two products, we can quickly develop.

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