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  1. GME maturity 06/18/2021 created 6/13/21 7:39 AM ; Call Strike Put; Ask OI Vol IV Ask OI Vol IV; $231.55: 2: 2: 636.810: $5.00: $0.01: 1185: 65: 636.810: $226.55: 4: 0: 569.771: $10.00: $0.01: 640: 86: 569.771: $221.55: 1: 0: 570.245: $15.00: $0.02: 363: 25: 570.245: $216.55: 0: 0: 536.002: $20.00: $0.02: 660: 56: 536.002: $211.55: 6: 0: 502.485: $25.00: $0.02: 367: 122: 502.485: $206.55: 0: 0: 472.268: $30.00: $0.03: 669: 17: 472.268: $201.55: 0: 2: 449.778: $35.00: $0.06: 216: 30
  2. Optionsonar automates this for you and alerts you when it discovers option contracts with large daily volume and high volatility. How often is the website updated? Our software scans the market throughout the trading day. As soon as trades are reported to the respective exchanges we are able to detect them and pass on the notification to you
  3. All I'm going to say is I bought 100 shares of GME today at the dip I called out. As I said, I put everything into OptionSonar and GME. I try to teach and deliver my financial knowledge to you for no added incentive. In my past streams, I've gone over strategy, options, company financials, understanding institutional ownership and other topics. I don't just do TA and as I have said on stream, I don't do the typical TA that would not make sense for a manipulated stock. I try to understand.
  4. Bullish GOEV call option contracts are ones that are bought on or above the market's asking price OR put option contracts that are sold on or less than the market's bid price - expecting a move to the upside
  5. GME AMC CLOV AAPL TLRY TSLA VIX ZM WISH MVIS QS LOTZ BB PLTR SPY WKHS QQQ WEN SPCE FB NFLX CLNE SIRI. Your free unusual options activity stream is delayed by a few hours. Select a subscription plan to access historical and intraday data

Bullish RIDE call option contracts are ones that are bought on or above the market's asking price OR put option contracts that are sold on or less than the market's bid price - expecting a move to the upside. The opposite applies to bearish trades: put options bought on or above the ask OR call options sold at or below the bid price - expecting a. Today (MAR31), $52.94million was spent simultaneously on deep in the money call options for GME, ranging from 3C to 19C. None of the previous days show such activity, but we have seen this stuff in the past already. Today, I tried to size the rabbit hole For more information click here. Featured Stock: MSFT (NASDAQ) Microsoft Corporation. Next Earning: July 21, 2021 AC. Implied vs Actual Movements For MSFT ©Optionslam.com. $118. $146. $174. $202. $230

Optionsonar: Unusual Options Activity - Large Volume

II. The price rose steadily with more and more options becoming ITM. Before the real Gamma Squeeze starts, they want to make sure, that Shitadel & Friends can't short GME tomorrow. https://i.redd.it/o3xd0134p8m61.png. III. While GME dropped down to $172 (from $340, holy shit), almost all Stocks in my Portfolio went red and looked the same. I think that was someone liquidating assets, in order to load up on a lot more GME Shares and Options later today or tomorrow, so the Gamma Squeeze will. About Optionsonar This is a platform that monitors unusual options activity and tracks how traders view the market through options. This would give you an edge in the market and boost your chances of making significant profits in your trades

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The Mechanics of Smart Money & Delta Hedging. For every option that is bought, there is one sold...in other words a zero sum game.. Many times it is a brokerage dealer, market maker or derivatives shop shorting the options and throw them into their much bigger vol book that they trade. Part of the reason we see outsized moves is when a stock. Victory Crypto is a trading software that aims to help traders with no experience in the game to make big profits in the cryptocurrency market. The platform uses intelligent technology to function and is backed by machine learning and AI. This will enable you to get into a cryptocurrency field that is not well-known. Visit Official Website. One.

Introduction. Since 2014, CityFalcon has been innovating solutions to the financial content problem and bringing the value of data to all market participants. Visit Official Website. It is easy to underrate the importance of keeping up with the most significant events in the finance world. But the truth is, having lots of reliable information. optionsonar.com offers up to 30% Off deals and discounts in Jun 2021. Grab great savings at Optionsonar with the lowest prices. Save Money With Limited Time Deals at couponannie.com. All Codes Verified

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